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Romania, zone turistice - Muntenia and Oltenia Tourism, travel, accommodation, vacations, mountain, sea, round-trip, trips, monasteries, maps and photo in Romania width Romanian
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     Ilfov is situated in the southern part of Romania. It covers a surface of 1,593 square km, with 276,000 locuitori inhabitants. It is considered the youngest county of the country (the 24th of September of 1996). Its neighbours are: in the north-Prahova; in the south-east-Calarasi; in the south-west-Giurgiu; in the east-Ialomita; in the noth-west-Dambovita. The relief entirely superposes upon some subunits of the Vlasia Plain, a unit of Romanian Plain. The main rivers that drain the county territory have their springs in upper areas: Ialomita, Dambovita, Sabarul. The numerous lakes are of special interest: Buftea, Buciumeni, Mogosoaia, Chitila, Straulesti, Baneasa, Herastrau, Floreasca, Tei, Plumbuita, Pantelimon, Cernica. The climate is temperate continental, the average temperature in January being of -2,5o C, and in July, 23o C. The oldest material traces date since Middle Paleolithic (discoveries at Magurele). In Cernica-Caldararu, there was discovered one of the largest necropolis in the South-Eastern Europe. Comprising the main cities arouns Bucharest, Ilfov offers to the trip lovers varied possibilities of relaxation. They can find here forests, hunting fields, lakes for fishing and different water sports, objectives of touristic interest or of great artistical value.



     - Snagov Lake and Forest-(40 km from Bucharest), very attractive for the capital inhabitants. The lake is considered one of the biggest river limans in the Romanian Plain (576 hectares, 18 km in length, 9 m in depth). On the lake, one can practice different water sports or fish (perch, bream, guvid, carp). The forest (a rest of the Vlasia woods, which formerly covered the whole Romanian Plain), is arranged as an immense park with beaches, restaurants, being declared natural preserve. Its wood vegetation is represented by oaks, birches, limes etc;
     - Caldarusani Lake and Forest-(45 km from Bucharest), a very wanted touristic area, especially by fishermen and hunters. The lake is situated near a river liman (6 m in length, 5 m in depth), and in the forest surrounding it, the rabbit and pheasant hunting is practiced. Part of it forms a forest preserve that shelters oaks, poplars and willows;
     - Baneasa Forest-(10 km from Bucharest), one of the beautiful relaxation places around the capital, a special attraction point is the zoo corner, with hundreds animal exemplaries;
     - Cernica Forest and Lake-the lake covers a surface of 311 hectares, on its right bank it was arranged a swimming pool with booths, landing place, restaurant, medical office, sport grounds. The forest offers many possibilities for hunting;
     - Raioasa Forest-(6 km from Mogosoaia), forest and flower preserve. The name, Raioasa (the Scabby) is explained by the aspect of the trees that have on their barks a lot of moss and lichen;
     - Mogosoaia Lake-(15 km from Bucharest), with a surface of 66 hectares; on its left bank, a swimming pool is arranged;
     - Pantelimon Lake-it covers a surface of 260 hectares; sport grounds and swimming pools are arranged on the left bank;


     - Mogosoaia Palace-(14 km from Bucharest), it was built as a prince residence by Constantin Brancoveanu in 1702. It is a splendid architectural monument which combines elements of national architecture and Italian art. Its harmonious profile mirrors itself in the waters of Mogosoaia lake towards which you can descend a series of successive terraces. The park in which the palace is situated is adorned with pillars, statues, vegetal fences, bushes that enrich the pictoresque atmosphere of the place. The palace hosts a valuable museum of Brancovenesque Feudal art.


     - Snagov Monastery-(40 km from Bucharest), it is mentioned in documents of the end of the 14th century. The monastery is supposed to have been built by Vlad the Empaler (1456-1462). The present church dates since the 16th century and is a representative monument for Middle Ages architecture. The paintings represent the largest medieval wall assembly in a Romanian church. It played an important cultural role because it sheltered one of the first printing centres in Romania (end of the 17th century);
     - Cernica Monastery-(25 km from Bucharest), it was built in the 19th century. It hosts a museum with old and valuable objects of art and cult;
     - Caldarusani Monastery-(40 de from Bucharest), it was built by Neagoe Basarab, between 1637-1638. The monastery hosts a museum collection of old art objects: paintings by N. Grigorescu etc.


     - Museum of Brancovenesque Art (Mogosoaia Palace)-it comprises representative objects completing the architectural background and the Medieval atmosphere characteristic to this precious monument. There are exhibited silverware pieces, sculptures, old textures and gloden and silver embroideries, chronicles, rare prints, with original priceless miniatures.

Source: Romanian Travel Guide / Publirom

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