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Romania - Tourist sights - Monuments and Statues - Bucharest, Bukarest, Turism, vacanta, munte, litoral, aventura, harti si fotografii in Romania prin Romanian
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Monuments and Statues

     The Arch of Triumph-(1935-1937), marble and stone gate of the capital (37 m in height), it was built in honour of the victory obtained by Romanian armies in First World War. The monument was realised according to the plans of the architect Petre Antonescu. The facades have been decorated in Romanian style by some famous artists, I. Jalea, C. Medrea, D. Paciurea;
     Monument of the Heroes-it consists in a statuary group that represents a pilot, a sailor and an infantryman. It is a proof of the patriotism, courage, dedication and devotion demonstrated by the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for defending and gaining the freedom of the country. The monument is realised by the sculptors, M. Butunoiu, I. Damaceanu, Ionescu Tene;
     The Equestrian Statue of Michael the Brave-(1874), it was sculpted by A. Carierr Belleuse; it represents one of the most important rulers (1593-1601), leader in the battle of the Romanian people against the Ottoman domination. Michael the Brave succeeded to reunite under his authority, for a short period of time, the three Romanian countries: Moldavia, Wallachia and Transylvania;
     The Statue of Mihai Cantacuzino-it is located in the courtyard of the Coltea Hospital (Cantacuzino was the founder of the hospital), the first one erected in Bucharest (1865-1869), realised in Carrara marble by K. Storck;
     The Statue of Constantin Brancoveanu-imposing statue realised by the sculptor Oscar Han, in 1939. It was made in memory of the great man of culture, ruler of Wallachia, Constantin Brancoveanu (1688-1714);
     The Air Monument-it was realised by the sculptor F. L. Gove in 1937. It is an earth globe supported by the wings of four eagles. It is a decorative architectural composition symbolizing the flight;
     Monument of the Air Heroes-(1930-1935), it was realised by I. Fekete and Lidia Kotzebue. The main element is an imposing Icarus with wide opened wings;
     Monument of the Firemen-it was made by the sculptor W. Hegel. The monument is dedicated to the firemen heroes who responded to the Ottoman armies that had come to stop the revolution of 1848;
     Monument of the CFR Heroes-it belongs to the sculptors C. Medrea and I. Jalea, honouring the participation of the railway workers to the First World War;
     Monument of the French Heroes-it is sculpted in Carrara marble by I. Jalea. It honours the French soldiers who died during First World War on the Romanian territory;
     Statue of Tudor Vladimirescu-it was realised by the sculptor Teodor Bulca. It represents the leader of the revolutionary movement of 1821, holding the sword in one hand, and the Romanian flag in the other;
     Statue of Mihail Kogalniceanu-it was made by Oscar Han, in 1936. It represents the brilliant politician, historian and writer;
     Statue of Ion Heliade Radulescu-the work of the Italian sculptor, Ettore Ferrari. The statue represents the great scholar and politician in the characteristic attitude of oratorians;
     Statue of Gh. Lazar-it was realised by the sculptor I. Georgescu, evoking the figure of the great Enlightenment scholar (1779-1823);
     Statue of Carol Davilla-it was made by K. Storck. The statue presents the founder of the Romanian university medical education;
     Statue of Lady Balasa-it was also made by K. Storck. It presents the daughter of the great voivode, Constantin Brncoveanu.